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The Nordic Bookbinding Society is now officially established!

Bookbinders from Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland) were invited to a meeting in Leksand Folkhögskola, Sweden 9.–12.6.2022. We discussed the future of Nordic bookbinding: joint exhibitions, education and promoting our profession in collaboration. Together we decided to set up a new society and bookbinders from each Nordic country were chosen to carry out the foundation process.

Nordic Bookbinding Society / Nordiska bokbindarföreningen was registered 11.10.2022 in Sweden. Registration number 802540–9734.

You can reach us by email: info@nordicbookbindingsociety.com

Mail address:
Nordic Bookbinding Society
Bäverstigen 36
655 60 Molkom

Members of the preliminary board of the Nordic Bookbinding Society:

Sweden: Kristine Novika Svensson, Anna-Karin Oleschak, Johanna Svenonius
Denmark: Martin Degn
Norway: Vibeke Luther O’Rourke, Thomas Støyva
Iceland: Einar Sveinn Ragnarsson
Finland: Pii Topio, Tarja Rajakangas