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Newsletter 09 December 2023

The idea of the Nordic Bookbinding Society came to life in Leksand, Sweden, where a group of Nordic bookbinders met in the summer of 2022. A preliminary board was formed with a task to establish a new official society, which was registered in September 2022. The board worked with the articles of association and planned a Joint Nordic Congress, which was successfully held in Copenhagen 2023. At the congress a chairman and a board were chosen to work towards our aims.

Things don’t always work out as we hope and sometimes changes have to be made. Nordic Bookbinding Society is very sorry to announce that our first congress elected chairman Martin Degn has resigned. Martin has done great work for our society during this first year, tirelessly pushing us forwards. This was not an easy task considering we all speak and write a foreign language while working together through email and Teams. Thank you, Martin, for all your work! Without your enthusiasm in Leksand we probably wouldn’t even have this society.

The duties of the chairman are now performed by vice-chairman Tarja Rajakangas, now an acting chairman. The board was shaken for a moment, but it is now looking into the future positively. We are already making progress with our exciting plans, and we will do our very best to promote Nordic bookbinding!

We are almost ready with the system of collecting the membership fees through the website through a membership site. This will enable easier payment without expensive bank fees. Hopefully this system can also work as a platform for many kinds of activities, sharing knowledge and online meetings. If all goes well, we will be ready to start taking members during January, for the year 2024! Everyone is welcome to join!

Although we have been silent for some time, some wonderful activities have been planned! Formal invitations and more details will be announced in the next newsletters, but we want to give you some advance information and dates for your calendar:

This meeting is open for all interested book enthusiasts! We hope to gather bookbinders and book artists from all Nordic countries (and elsewhere too) to meet each other in the south of Sweden. In the program there will be an exhibition opening (Nobelbokband, see below), bookish visits, dinner together and a possibility to join a workshop. Detailed program is still being planned, more information in the next newsletter.
Wonderful opportunity to see inspiring things and to learn new skills, while making bookish friends and contacts! Welcome!

Nordic Bookbinding Society in collaboration with the Icelandic National Library is planning the next Nordic bookbinding exhibition for the year 2025!
Iceland is the first country to hold the exhibition after the official establishment of the Nordic Bookbinding Society and we are hoping for as good response and participation in the exhibition as before. The exhibition will be open to all the Nordic bookbinders and book artists and all future members of the Nordic Bookbinding Society. The theme of the exhibition is Nordic nature. Both title and author are optional. More information is coming in the next newsletter.
Thousand thanks to our Icelandic bookbinder colleagues for the arrangements! We are all looking forward to the exciting happenings in Iceland!



Summer 2024 in Leksand has to offer courses in bookbinding basics for beginners, boxes for advanced makers and also paper marbling, papermaking, cyanotype, and origami. These are taught in Swedish. Christina Balbiano D’Aramengo teaches her course “Masterclass — Samples books” in English.

Leksand Folkhögskola is situated in the outskirts of a small rural town, on the brink of a huge lake Siljan. Great views, food, and atmosphere! We warmly recommend this summer course paradise!


Nobelbokband exhibition of bindings written by Annie Ernaux, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2022! The exhibition is arranged by a Swedish bookbinder society Bokbindare-Gesällskapet and it can be seen in three places in Sweden. Here is the timetable:

Stockholm, Tranströmerbiblioteket:
Open 6th of December 2023 – 7th of January 2024
Eskilstuna, Eskilstuna stadsbibliotek:
Open 20th of January – 10th of February 2024
Vernissage 20th of January at 14.00
Lund, Einar Hanses bibliotek:
Open 12th of April – 4th of May 2024 (Fri 15–18, Sat 12–16 + booked visits)
Vernissage 12th of April at 15.00 — This is where we will meet 🙂

You can follow the exhibition in Instagram: Nobelbokband

Photo by Christian Habetzeder.


This is where society’s exciting work happens! The committees are an essential part of planning and organising the activities so this is a great opportunity to help build the new society! All future members who would like to be actively involved are warmly welcomed to join a committee in the field of their interest: Communication, Education or Exhibitions.

To join in please contact the contact persons of the committees by email:
Exhibitions: Kristine Novika Svensson: kristine(at)
Education: Vibeke Luther O’Rourke: vibeke(at)
Communication: Johanna Svenonius: johanna(at)

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