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Newsletter 08 September 2023


An Instagram account has already been created! Here we will present our members’ work, Nordic exhibitions, events, and anything concerning Nordic bookbinding. Welcome to follow us!

If you have content — good photos, videos, and short compact texts with hashtags – you would like to be seen on this account, please send your suggestions to our Instagram editor:
Instagram manager: Lars Hedegaard wedderkop(at)
You are welcome to use hashtags #nordicbookbinding #nordicbookbindingsociety on your own posts, so they might be reposted on the society’s account.

A Facebook page is being set up. You should already find it when searching Nordic Bookbinding Society. Welcome to follow us there too! Nothing there yet, but we will keep you posted, when things start happening.

Also, a blog is under development. Here we plan to share ideas, thoughts and stories about Nordic bookbinding and bookbinders that hopefully will be of interest to our members.


This is where society’s exciting work happens! All future members who would like to be actively involved are warmly welcomed to join a committee in the field of their interest: Communication, Education or Exhibitions.

To join in please contact the contact persons of the committees by email:
Exhibitions: Kristine Novika Svensson: kristine(at)
Education: Vibeke Luther O’Rourke: vibeke(at)
Communication: Johanna Svenonius: johanna(at)


We are investigating the possibility of paying the membership fee through the website and will inform you when it is possible, hopefully in September. Please be patient!

Membership fees:
550 SEK ordinary members
350 SEK concession (student/pensioner)
1050 SEK for member organizations


Mikael Kristensen from Danish Society of Bookbinders is publishing “Danske bogbindere i 500 år.” Series of books in 7 volumes on Danish bookbinders through 500 years. If you are interested in buying the book project, please make contact to Mikael Kristensen at email: nmkristensen(at)


Bookbinding courses in Finland

In Finland there is no possibility to study bookbinding as a profession at the moment. An education reform discontinued a bunch of rare profession titles, bookbinders among them, and it is no longer possible to have bookbinding education leading to a degree. The last master course ended 2018.

But luckily there is a large network of open adult education centres, non-profit, government and/or city funded organizations. There are very many long weekly evening courses and also short weekend and summer courses with varied subjects, traditional and creative bookbinding.

Most courses are taught in Finnish, a few in Swedish and many can be supplemented by English. Here is a list of short courses, which have vacancies. You are welcome to register for the courses! From outside Finland it might be best to contact the administrative staff of the college. Also, you can ask the teacher for more information by email.

Tutor: Claudia Wegmann
Teaching language Finnish, English and German when needed
Valamon opisto, Valamo monastery, Heinävesi
15.-20.10.2023  Kirjansidonnan peruskurssi / Basic course in bookbinding
492 € (includes accommodation)
Contact: kurssit(at), kirjansitomo(at)

Tutor: Tarja Rajakangas
Teaching language Finnish, English when needed.
Auralan kansalaisopisto, Turku/ Åbo
6.–8.10.2023  Luovaa kirjansidontaa: Paperikantinen sidos / Paper binding
19.–21.4.2024  Luovaa kirjansidontaa: Ommelkansisidos / Sewn Boards binding
Contact: toimisto(at), kirjatarja(at)

Tutor: Anna Kervinen
Teaching language Finnish, English when needed.
Helsingin seudun kesäyliopisto, Helsinki
11.11.2023  Paperin marmorointia / Paper marbling
Contact: info(at), ansunn(at)

Tutor: Päivi Pärssinen
Teaching language Finnish.
Vanajaveden Opisto, Hämeenlinna
28.–29.10.2023  Kirjansidonnan perusteita / Bookbinding basics
Pikkusitomo Kirjanen, Hämeenlinna
14.–15.10.2023  Kirjansidonnan paja / Bookbinding workshop
Registration, contact: kirjansitomo(at)


Open • Set 2025 Competition & Exhibition
American Academy of Bookbinding

International Bookbinding Competition 2024
Society of Bookbinders in UK


BookCraftFair 4th and 5th of November 2023 in Leiden. Bookbinders and bookmakers, (decorated)paper producers, printers, calligraphers; tools, materials, books, special prints, demonstrations, workshops and more.
The Stichting Handboekbinden, Netherlands

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